What is Microsoft Word

What is Microsoft Word – If you are from the field of Computer, then you must have heard about Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word is the most used word processors in offices around the world, it is called MS Word and Word Also known by the name, here we are going to know what is MS Word and what are its structures and how you can learn MS Word online


What is Microsoft Word –

MS Word is a software created by Microsoft company known as the most popular word processor of Word which is used to open, Create, Edit, Formatting and Printing a document so that you can use Letter, Application in MS Word., You can make Recommence as well as if you want, you can also prepare Flyers Certificate tourist in MS Word, after taking some training, you can learn to run MS Word. Let’s know the history of Microsoft Word –


History of Microsoft Word –

In October 1983, Microsoft released Word 1.0, the first version of Microsoft Word for Operating Systems MS Doc and Xenis based on the CUI (Character User Interface), Microsoft Word was established by Charies Simonyi and Richard Brodie of these Charies Simonyi Brava Software Was the primary developer who was the world’s first GUI Word Processor and Charies Simonyi was working as a Chief Software Engineer on a Word Processor called Multi tool word


In 1981, Microsoft employed both of these computer operators and released a software called Multi tool word in 1983 for MS Doc and Xenis. Later it was renamed to Microsoft Word. In 1983, for the first time PC Word was released with the name Magazine in Microsoft Word. Key Free Floppy Disk was given to let people know about Microsoft Word. The initial version of MS Word for Microsoft windows was unconfined in 1989.This was the 3.0 version of Windows. Gradually Microsoft Word is the maximum popular for word processing worldwide. Software became and started selling slowly. There was a portion of alteration for Word processing. There was no software in the marketplace associated to Word. Today Microsoft Word is the first optimal of persons for word dispensation all over the world.


Features of Microsoft Word –

There are a lot of structures in Microsoft Word that brand it a Best Word Processor. Let’s know about some of those features.

Design of MS Word is very modest here all the options are agreed in Icon and Menu so that no new user has any problem in running MS Word.

There are a portion of pre-made patterns in MS Word from which you can create a professional document without learning Designing like Resume, Calendar, Party Invitation, Report, Letter Head, Invoice, Award Certificate, Fax Cover Sheet and Flyer etc. Huh

In MS Word 2019, you can save any file directly in PDF format as well as create a web page document.

MS Word wires all programmers in Microsoft word suite

The prime feature of Microsoft Word is its Spell Check Option, there is an Inbuilt Dictionary in MS Word. Whenever you type something wrong, Red Underline comes under that word. If you need to turn on Auto right option then MS Word Will fix automatically

MS Word presently supports all kinds of image formats such as JPG and GIF, currently Office 365 Pro Plus and Office 2019 SVG Vector Image Format can also be imported.


Microsoft Word User Interface –

When you uncluttered MS Word for the initial time then you see some kind of User Interface, let’s understand them

Title Bar The title bar is the topmost part of MS Word where the name of the document is Saw, till you save the file you will see Document 1 and when you save the file then you will get the file. Name will be visible

The Menu Bar is the Menu Bar fair under the Title Bar which has different Menu Opens according to the different groups. Currently the Menu Bar has been converted to Ribbon with different Tabs made in it. Home Tab, Insert Tab, Page Layout Tab, References Tab, Mailings Tab, Review Tab, View Tab are given which have all the tools of Word Processor.

Ruler Bar in MS Word is assumed Perpendicular and Horizontal Ruler which shows the distance and width of the page, it can also be hidden if you want.

To change the scroll bar page up and down, this tool has been providing in MS Word, which you can use with the assistance of Mouse or with the Arrow Key of the keyboard.

Status Bar This is the bottom part of the screen in which all the info related to the document is displayed such as Page Number, Number of Lines, Number of Column.

Script Part in MS Word, this area seems in white color where you can type anything. It is also called Page by default. When you initial make a new file, its size is letter.

Mouse Pointer / Cursor MS Word When you move the Mouse Pointer on the page, it becomes the shape of a large I (I) that is the Insertion Point at the beginning of the page, also known as the Cursor. Typing will be in place.



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