What is WordPad and how to use WordPad

What is WordPad and how to utilize WordPad 

WordPad may have been heard by a couple of you, yet WordPad is a word processor application that accompanies your working framework which is totally free assuming your PC doesn’t have MS Word, you can utilize WordPad and do things like letter composing. Here we will realize what is WordPad and how to utilize WordPad


What is WordPad and how to utilize WordPad 

WordPad is a Word Processor that Microsoft delivered for Window 95. It is preferred and simpler over Microsoft Notepad. Microsoft used to utilize Microsoft Right before Notepad. It is a Word Processor delivered instead of Microsoft Right which is Microsoft Foundation Class (Also known as MFC)

History of WordPad 

WordPad is more Advance than Notepad yet has less highlights than Microsoft Word. Assuming you need to make straightforward records, WordPad is the most ideal alternative for you that you can use to make archives like Letters, Notes, and so forth Microsoft WordPad Windows 95 After the working framework is found taking all things together of Windows, WordPad from Windows 95 was supplanted with Microsoft Write, Microsoft Write was a word processor programming Microsoft previously utilized it with Microsoft Dos in 1983.

WordPad highlights 

WordPad is utilized similarly as Notepad is utilized, yet WordPad has a greater number of highlights than Notepad, which permits you to do numerous kinds of designing in your documents on the off chance that you use WordPad in Window XP. A few capacities will be less, however in the event that you use Windows above Windows XP like Windows 7,8, you will get every one of the elements of Wordpad, in this you can work the letter cushion and do arranging like strong, Italic, You can make straightforward and short documents in Word, and so forth

To utilize Microsoft WordPad you neither need to download it nor do you need to introduce it. This is the pre-introduced programming that accompanies Windows which is accessible taking all things together working frameworks from Window 95 to Window 10 in the event that you have If you have not introduced Microsoft Word on your PC, at that point you can utilize MS WordPad without any problem.

WordPad Button 

These are the primary piece of the Word cushion. This catch is in the menu. It has numerous choices for documents made in WordPad. In this, you are provided the order Save, Open, Print, and so forth These work on the WordPad Document, in this we alternate way Keys Use Ctrl + O for Open, Ctrl + N for New, Ctrl + S for Save, Ctrl + P for Print, and so forth

Quick Access Button

This is an extraordinary part, it is given in different Microsoft Text Editor Program. Its motivation is to store the often utilized Commands and Buttons in a single spot, with the assistance of this, the work is done rapidly in Quick Access Toolbar, similar to certain orders like Save, Text, Print and so on are added so you can utilize them with a single tick.

Title bar 

Here the name of the record made in WordPad is appeared until the name of the record isn’t appeared until the record is saved, there is an archive composed when the document is saved with a name, at that point it is saved with the document name. Are obvious


Strip is another piece of the window. It is underneath the title bar, showing the WordPad Tabs.

Ruler bar 

These are over the Text Area, so we discover Page Margin previously or in the wake of making the reports. Page Margin is done to show a similar Margin, Ruler is set on the two sides of the Ruler Bar and afterward the content that we compose from it. Doesn’t go out

Status bar 

This is simply beneath the content territory, this time there is a Zoom Level catch with the assistance of which the page is zoomed in and zoomed out.

Text Area

This is a vital piece of the Word cushion. Record Text is written here. It is likewise called a page. A wide range of composing errands are done on it.

Search and Replace

In spite of the fact that we realize that Spell Checker doesn’t exist in Word Pad, yet you can discover and supplant Word in any page of an archive by going to the Home tab in WordPad Software and clicking in the Editing Group and now you can go to any Word from here You can discover and supplant it, aside from other word processors, you can cut, reorder here as well.


File format 

In WordPad, you can make, open and save documents in Text Format, despite the fact that realize that the words made in Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 can’t be seen the equivalent since Word Pad doesn’t have Editing Features like Word.


You can add Graphics to Word Pad Documents, for this you need to go to WordPad Software and go to Home Tab and snap on Insert, at that point click on Picture, similar to Word, you can add Picture to Word Pad. Can impart to the client

Formatting Option

In spite of the fact that there were not many choices to design the content in the old variant of the Word cushion, yet in the event that you need to organize the content in the new form, select the content and snap on the Home tab, in this you can change the size of the textual style and the other textual style and If you need, you can utilize Bullets on that text by choosing Text. You can likewise utilize Font as Italic, Underline and so forth

Use word-pad 

It is prescribed to utilize WordPad to make records. You can call it light application and its basic interface permits the client to do any record.

You can utilize Templates in WordPad, just as the size of the page while making records, you can likewise change the look and furthermore permit to change the WordPad Page Margin.

The primary benefit of utilizing WordPad is that the client can likewise see Saved Documents while making Documents and can alter different Documents while embeddings User Pictures while making Documents and make the Look of Documents like Microsoft Word. Huh

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