What is Microsoft Excel ?

What is Microsoft Excel – What is MS Excel – Microsoft Excel is also known as MS Excel. This is the Spread Sheet Program that comes with Microsoft Office Suite. Open, Create, Edit, Format the data in MS Excel in Tabular Format., Calculate is done in this post, we are going to know what is MS Excel and how to use it, how you can make a account by applying dissimilar formula in MS Excel, we will also know which keyboard Shortcut Key to use MS Excel. If used, let’s know what MS Excel is and how to use MS Excel


What is Microsoft Excel

Microsoft excel, also recognized as MS Excel or Excel, is a Spreadsheet program used to prepare data in Tabular Format, the second and most commonly used software after MS Word. Owing to the features, it is the primary choice of millions of Accountant and Office Employee. If you distinguish how to route Microsoft Excel, then you can do many hours of office work in minutes.


A lot of Methods are assumed under Microsoft excel, which when applied on any spreadsheet, very complex Calculation can also be done automatically in minutes. You can make the errands in a tweak, in Microsoft excel very easily Salary chart, Office employee, Database management, Billing software, stock management software can be prepared.


Features of MS Excel

The user interface of MS Excel is very simple. Microsoft has calculated it in such a way that any person can twitch his or her own training by taking the basic training of MS Excel in no time.

It is the most trusted Spread Sheet Program in the world without its Computer Knowledge is incomplete. Compound Calculation can be complete very easily with the help of MS Excel.

The enterprise of MS Excel is like this in which you get Automatic Table made, there is no need to create a table. You uncluttered the Excel and you can twitch the Data Entry.

MS Excel Formulas make work even easier. If you have elementary information of Excel formulas, then many hours can be done in minutes with the help of Excel formulas which are also auto-updated.

In MS Excel, one seat to another seat and one file to another file can also be linked, no matter how big data you have, Excel will handle it.

You can make instinctive chart and dashboard through MS Excel.


Important parts of MS Excel

What is a work book in excel  ?

Excel’s file is called a workbook. A workbook can contain many worksheets. In extra words, a workbook is a group of worksheets. A extreme of 255 worksheets can be added or created in an Excel workbook.


What is a worksheet in excel  ?

Worksheet is the most important part of MS Excel which is visible to us only when we open MS Excel. It comprises of a sheet which is made up of RAW and column. Entirely the exertion is done in this worksheet itself. Any number or letter in this worksheet. Let’s type in.

Arranged inaugural the excel for the first time, the Y default opens three worksheets which are denoted as Sheet-1 Sheet-2 and Sheet-3


What is Raw in Excel ?

In Excel, the Horizontal Block is called Raw. In Excel, RAW is represented by 1,2,3. The extreme number of RAW in an excel sheet can be 1048576 RAW. It changes from top to bottom.


What are columns in excel

Vertical Block in Excel is called column. It is displayed with A, B, C, D. Presently the extreme number of columns in Excel 2019 is 16384. These pillars are from right to right in Excel.


What are cells in Excel?

A cell in Excel means the dwelling where a RAW and a column are originating or intersectant. The name of a cell is shaped by totaling the name of a RAW and a column. For example, if the name of a cell is “A1″, it contains ” A “is Column and” 1 “is Raw


What is the formula in Excel?

You also type a value in the cell of the Excel. A special formula for adding, subtracting, dividing is typed in which is a particular sequence of cell references, values, functions, which gives the results according to the values ​​in the excel. A formula always starts with = (equal)


How to open MS Excel

You can open MS Excel in 2 type, initial click on Start Button, select Microsoft Office and then open MS Excel.

Press Windows + R on the keyboard and type Excel which will open MS Excel.


MS Excel Keyboard Shortcuts


To create a new workbook


Ctrl + N


To open the workbook


Ctrl + O


To save the workbook


Ctrl + S


To view the print preview of the sheet


Ctrl + F2


To print the worksheet


Ctrl + P


To close the excel

Alt + F4


To bold


Ctrl + B


To italicize


Ctrl + I



To underline


Ctrl + U


To move to the next worksheet


Ctrl + Page Down


To go to previous worksheet


Ctrl + Page Up


To find a worksheet


Ctrl + F


To replace in a worksheet


Ctrl + H


To convert a cell to Date format


Ctrl + Shift + #


To convert cell into currency format


Ctrl + Shift + &


To convert cell to percent format


Ctrl + Shift +%


To convert cell to time format


Ctrl + Shift + @


To draw a chart




To refresh the sheet




To open Go To command


Ctrl + G




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